Our Clients Say!


I’m an entrepreneur and running my own startup. I had an idea about in service sector and wanted to develop it. However, I got in touch with ‘Bada Vyapaar’. They not only provide me investors, but also helped In promoting and develop my idea. I’m really happy as I have several satisfied client now.
Great Job done by Bada Vyapaar.

Brijesh Kumar

founder & CEO - 0 K.M

I run my own textile business and was a bit disappointed with low sales, branding, or work. I started looking for various ways to improve our sales or business problems. Then I came across ‘Bada Vyapaar’. Their marketing strategy is so effective that now my business sales have increased by 150% and it is still growing. Great team,  great work with Bada Vyapaar. Thank you

Girraj Yadav

Owner - Aastha Fabrics Industries.